Leah Greenberg '08 and Ezra Levin '07, cofounders of Indivisible

Leah Greenberg ‘08 and Ezra Levin ’07 are among the 100 Most Influential People of 2019, according to Time magazine. The congressional staffers-turned-community organizers made the list for their work on Indivisible, a hyperlocal community organizing movement.

“Leah and Ezra have built a powerful network of folks ready to fight for justice and inclusion in health care, at our borders and in the Supreme Court,” Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley wrote in the Time profile. “They did not do this work alone, and perhaps most commendably they are quick to step back, create space and center those most impacted by issues. In times of division, they’ve been a constant force for good. Together, our work continues.”

Greenberg and Levin, both Carleton political science majors, drafted a document in December 2016 as a sort of tool kit for hyperlocal community organizing. It covered questions on everything from whether to take a sign to a town hall meeting and where to sit, to laying out a sample script for how to speak with your member of Congress on the phone. Their goal was to help people find a plausible path toward mobilizing in their own backyard. This effort eventually grew to become Indivisible, which today includes thousands of local organizing groups and more than 1 million members.

Read more about their work in “One Nation, Indivisible,” from the fall 2017 issue of the voice.

Source : https://apps.carleton.edu/now/stories/?story_id=1821428